So, in this thread you will learn how to activate the StarLadder Berlin 2019 viewer pass, and why you need it at all, what the Berlin 2019 coin looks like, and how to improve it. You will also learn how to get Major souvenir sets in Berlin, and how much you can carry with you. Details below. StarLadder Berlin 2019 - quests and tournament items STARLADDER BERLIN 2019 VIEWER PASS. StarLadder Berlin 2019 Viewer Pass (viewer pass) - now available for purchase in the game and on the Steam Community Market. Two types of Berlin 2019 pass are available this time: The standard Berlin 2019 Viewer Pass costs 645 rubles, and with it you get: StarLadder Berlin 2019 Upgrade Coin; Access to the game Berlin Pick'Em Challenge; Free Team Graffiti for the duration of the tournament; Logo of your favorite team on; Mission to accomplish; Exclusive access to Berlin 2019 souvenir sets. An extended pass for the viewer Berlin 2019 Viewer Pass +3 costs 1160 rubles, buying it, you will get all the same + 3 souvenir sets at once. According to the old tradition, we remind you that 50% of the proceeds goes to players and organizations participating in StarLadder Berlin 2019 Major, if you want to support a team or a player, buy the corresponding stickers.

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