Release Notes for 10/15/2020

Text Filtering now makes use of Steam Text & Chat Filtering.

Pre-Release Notes for 10/13/2020

A new build (“”) is now available in the CS:GO beta depot. This build is compatible with public matchmaking.

UPDATE 09/16/2019

Another CS:GO update has been added to the game. Nothing major.

UPDATE 08/14/2019

Today the cs go update was released on 08/14/2019 (coincides with the VALVE time). Finally, a pass and a viewer's coin, team stickers and players' autographs were finally added to the game. Pick’Em Challenge Berlin 2019 will be available to pass holders. Details below.

UPDATE 08/09/2019

Tonight, the next update of cs go was released on 08/09/2019 (VALVE update on August 8, 2019 by time). The developers paid special attention to eliminating bugs and errors on the Seaside and Breach cards. Details below.

UPDATE 08/01/2019

Tonight, an update of cs go was released on 08/01/2019 (VALVE update on July 31, 2019 time). The developers have added a new group of cards "Scrimmage Maps", the result of the game in which does not affect your rank. Workout replaced with a new Breach card. Redesigned Vertigo and fixed many bugs.