UPDATE 08/09/2019

Tonight, the next update of cs go was released on 08/09/2019 (VALVE update on August 8, 2019 by time). The developers paid special attention to eliminating bugs and errors on the Seaside and Breach cards. Details below.

CS: GO update 08.09.2019
Fixed a bug due to which it was not always possible to pick up a weapon when it was covered with other weapons or grenades; Reduced friendly damage from Zeus-x27 attacks in restricted area matches; The fov_cs_debug parameter will now take into account non-integer values ​​(for example, when fov_cs_debug = 0.027). CARDS Seaside and Breach maps have been updated to the latest version from the Steam workshop. Recall that these cards were added to the special non-rated mode of cs go in the update of August 1, 2019.
Improved edges and corners of objects; Fixed a hole in the bushes on the mid; The window at the top of the stairs has been removed; Removed a large number of invisible pixels to move around. Seaside The trigger_bomb_reset is again added to the area where there is water (i.e. if you throw a bomb into the water, it will appear nearby on a dry surface); Fixed some boosts on the "T-resp" and outside the "B-plant"; Removed some invisible pixels on the bridge from the side of the terrorists and beyond the A-plane; Blocked various replants and boosts; Eliminated places where a bomb could get stuck; Fixed bug with door graphics; Various graphical problems and bugs fixed. Other details Update size ~ 44 MB; CS: GO client version

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