UPDATE 08/14/2019

Today the cs go update was released on 08/14/2019 (coincides with the VALVE time). Finally, a pass and a viewer's coin, team stickers and players' autographs were finally added to the game. Pick’Em Challenge Berlin 2019 will be available to pass holders. Details below.

CS: GO update 08/14/2019

BERLIN 2019 “Berlin 2019 spectator pass” and “Berlin 2019 spectator pass + 3 tokens” are available for purchase both in the game and in the Steam store. With a viewer pass you will receive: The improved coin Berlin 2019; Access to Pick’Em Challenge Berlin 2019; Endless graffiti with team logos for the duration of the tournament; Fan flyers on Steam.tv; Access to Berlin 2019 souvenir sets; New missions of Berlin 2019; The ability to buy tokens directly. Team stickers and player autographs are also available for purchase. How to upgrade a coin? What does a coin look like? How to activate the pass? What types of passes are there? How much does a spectator pass cost? What are tokens? How to receive Berlin 2019 souvenir sets? How many sets can you get and what will be in general?

StarLadder Berlin 2019 Spectator Pass Detailed View

DIFFERENT Improved calculation of the processing time of client packages to account for dedicated server systems on which the clock sometimes went astray; Optimized client-side processing for weapons killing with StatTrak technology. CARDS The Breach map has been updated to the latest version from the workshop. LOCALIZATION About 1000 new lines of text. Other details Update size ~ 163 MB; CS: GO client version

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