UPDATE 08/01/2019

Tonight, an update of cs go was released on 08/01/2019 (VALVE update on July 31, 2019 time). The developers have added a new group of cards "Scrimmage Maps", the result of the game in which does not affect your rank. Workout replaced with a new Breach card. Redesigned Vertigo and fixed many bugs.

CS: GO update 08/01/2019
Added Breach and Seaside maps to the Sigma mine clearance group; Screenshots of the new Breach map can be viewed in our VKontakte group;
New CS: GO Breach map

Workout has been removed from competitive mode. A new group of cards "Scrimmage Maps" has been added to the competitive mode. This group includes the following cards: Ruby, Breach, Seaside. The mode completely copies the standard competitive one, except that here silver players can meet with globals .. When playing in the group "Scrimmage Maps" in a match making: Almost all the rules of the game in the original MM are saved; There are no rank restrictions for players in your lobby; You can’t upset or lower the rank; After a victory, the counter of the won matches of the competitive mode does not increase; Failure to match after the “ACCEPT” button appears will result in a fine. LINUX The logs of the game server in Linux now use a separate stream to save data to the hard drive, this improves the performance of the main stream of the game server. May be interesting:
In the July 23, 2019 update, titles were added to the restricted area mode. The entire list of titles in Russian and English.
Fixed a bug with defective pixels on some grenades; A rare bug that caused the game to crash when using remote explosives and jump boosters in the "Forbidden Zone" mode has been fixed; The sound volume control of any player in the match can now be dragged to zero.
CARDS Overpass Fixed forbidden replanting. Video transplantation can be seen in our VKontakte group here. Vertigo A new approach to "B plant": Removed the "rafters" around the entrance to the "Plant B"; Added a way to throw grenades at Plant B without being attacked; Removed unidirectional lowering shaft of the elevator; Added a staircase near the elevator shaft, connecting to the air damper in the mid; The bridge over the elevator shaft has been moved; The spawn of the terrorists moved a little back; We expanded the hall in the corridor of terrorists to the mid; Made a jump on the woods at the end of Plant A easier; Also at the rear of the “Plant A” the door was widened; Various elimination of minor bugs. LOCALIZATION Updated localization files for Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese. English localization CSGO_Collectible_MapTokenBreach: Breach Map Coin CSGO_Collectible_MapTokenBreach_Desc: SFUI_Map_de_breach: Breach SFUI_RankType_Modifier_Unranked: Scrimmage play_maps_section_unranked: Scrimmage Maps play_maps_section_ranked: Competitive Maps play_maps_section_tooltip_ranked: Your Skill Group is used to find matches appropriate for your skill. Your Skill Group will be adjusted based on your performance. Abandoning the match after you 'ACCEPT' will result in a penalty. play_maps_section_tooltip_unranked: No restrictions on players in your party and your Skill Groups will not be adjusted after the match. Abandoning the match after you 'ACCEPT' will result in a penalty. match_ready_match_data_modifier: {s: mode} • {s: modifier} • {s: map} match_ready_match_unranked_warning: Scrimmage : your Skill Group will not be adjusted. Other details Update size ~ 192 MB; CS: GO client version

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